This is Too Much!

This is really too much. I mean really! I  was just starting to congratulate myself for surviving the Blizzard when look what happens. I wake up to a surprise. Another snowfall crept in during the night and has undone all my work in clearing my front driveway. It is over the pail and it pisses me off. And it is still snowing. Granted it is what the Met boys refer to as ‘light’ which is small consolation to the poor sods that are going to have to don arctic gear and return to the dreary business of shoveling. We must be getting close to a hundred inches of the white stuff this winter. The emergency room at the hospital is full to overflowing with people who have done serious damage to their lower backs resulting from them trying desperately to move several tons of snow.

The Snow Queen is having a grand old time sitting up there gazing down at the carnage and feeling very pleased with her self. She will look back on these days in mid July when she shuffles off to the North pole for Summer. Well screw you Delilah! I for one will be very pleased to see the back of you.Your a vindictive bitch and I hope that your icicles melt and your sweat glands clog up. Personally I fail to understand what possible pleasure you get out of venting your wrath in this way. What happened? Another of your amorous affairs with one of your icemen gone south? 

We don’t deserve this and you should be ashamed.

At the current rate of snowfall we will more than likely arrive at a foot or two by mid day. That is certainly enough to set us back quite a bit. The airport will close; the ferry services will be cancelled; Stop and Shop will not get their deliveries and FedX will shut down.The newspaper will be delayed for a week or so and only the strong hearted will venture outside. Lola will remain open for business regardless, bless their cotton socks. Most of us will hibernate, catch up on our correspondence; knit a scarf; read a book or just sit and gaze out with the mounting fear that we will in all likelihood, be buried alive.
But, be of good cheer. Six weeks from now the Daffodills will be beginning their annual dance, unless the Snow Queen has another bad hair day and decides to unleash one more go round before leaving. I wouldn’t put is past her. She is way past her quota but greed keeps her right up there; enough is never a feast with that one
There will come a time in the distant future when we will have large domes to protect our communities from this kind of debacle. There will be flying cars, temperature controlled environments and endless days when the temperature will be a steady seventy five and the sky above will be of little or no consequence.The Gods won’t get a look in! The four seasons will be amalgamated thanks to enlightened governmental regulations and shrewd banking practices; shovels will be retired as museums pieces.
With my luck this will come to pass a few weeks after I take my last breath!

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