Renaissance Man

I have never considered myself as anything more than an itinerant artist. I paint; I write; I make music and I do my best to make a living selling the products which I produce.
But lately, on an increasing number of occasions, I have been dubbed with the epithet ‘Renaissance man’ 
I can’t say that I feel any different than I did before being given my new ‘handle’ but I thought I should at least embrace what seemed to me a rather over the top accolade.
I thought that the first thing that I should attend to was my clothing so I searched the various clothing shops for suitable apparel.

Being at the for front of the ‘Resurrection’ it would be necessary to pay attention to my ‘image’ First impressions I have been lead to believe are all important so I needed to dress for that roll.
It was not easy finding a store that had the appropriate selection. I made a trip to the Cape but none of the larger department stores or any of the shops in the mall had the faintest idea of what it was that I needed. I skulked around the shops but by the end of the afternoon I was no nearer to finding anything that came close to what I had in mind.
Thank heavens for the Madaket ‘take it or leave it’. Fumbling through the huge piles of unwanted clothing I finally came up with some items that, with a little creative tailoring, might just fit the bill.
I now look like a cross between Mike Fleetwood, David Bowie on a bad morning and Hamlet.
 I have to say that it is not a very becoming sight.
If it’s O.K with you I prefer to remain as I was pre ‘Renaissance’ 
Jeans and sweat shirt have served me well for many years and I do not see any reason at this late stage of the game to give the impression that I am remotely capable of effecting any kind of ‘disguise’ It has no bearing at all on my paintings, literary efforts or the songs I compose!
I will leave the column ‘re birth’ unchecked.

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